Wow America

I honestly didn't think it would happen. I really didn't think this country would let a black man become president. But I guess we've had enough. We looked around, reflected on the last eight years, saw our choices, and decided that it's time to take a different approach. I don't believe Obama is a savior. He's not the blood of the lamb (that would be Beyonce, thank you very much). To me, Obama represents an agent of pragmatic change, thoughtful progress. He can give us the tools, but we have to use them. We have to do the work. With that in mind, I'm interested to see who Obama will choose for his cabinet, how they will approach the problems that we're currently facing, and what role we the people will play in it.

Keith has a great post up about his three economic challenges to President-elect Obama that not only share what he thinks Obama should be doing, but also what we should be doing. It's gonna have to be a group effort folks.