Making progress

The financial cosmos has aligned! By some miracle, I actually increased my income while decreasing my expenses! This means I have more flexibility for the next two weeks. Actually, the cosmos didn't align, I was just kinda stupid and forgot a few things.

1. I didn't owe as much on my credit card as I thought.
2. I got out of preparing Thanksgiving dinner.
3. I was able to get a couple overtime hours.

My updated budget for the next two weeks as as follows:
November 21 (payday) through December 4: $1,309 (includes paycheck and cash in checking accounts)
■ $700-----Savings
■ $240.45--Credit card (pay off of balance)
■ $100-----Mom
■ $50.48---Cell phone
■ $100-----Groceries
■ $20------Gas
■ $8.64----Gift for BF
■ $20------After work happy hour

I moved the $25 gift cert. purchase to mid-December, and increase the line item for gas. Even so I still end up with a surplus of almost $70 which will probably be used for dining or or a much needed brow waxing by my favorite esthetician (begins to day dream about facials and manicures, wakes up to reality of dry-azz skin and sad looking nails). Moving on...

$500 Gift checks
I deposited those checks into my brick-and-mortar checking account yesterday, then went online to to move the funds directly to my 2009 Roth/Computer Fund. The cash should be there by next week Tuesday, however I didn't include it in my blue bar to the left. I want to make sure it actually shows up. :) Once it does it will bring me withing 95% of my goal. Speaking of which, I'm thinking of increasing that goal. I believe I can save more if I'm diligent.