Roth IRA Migration Complete!

All the funds from my previous bank have been moved over to my new Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Fund. I also added $3,000 towards my 2008 contribution.

On a different note, I wonder if Chase notices how much my money is leaving them. This time last year, I was carrying about $8,000 of debt on their credit card, had my Roth with them, and pay check direct deposited into a checking account with them. Now, that credit card is long paid off and inactive, the Roth is gone, and I only have a small amount, $30 per pay check, deposited into that checking account. I'm sure they don't give a damn, but it's still interesting to me when I step back and take a look.

Is something rotten in the state of Denmark?

The YTD return on my 401k is -14.1%.

A small part of that is because in the beginning of the year, I followed advice for my employer's online broker thingie (Morningstar) to rebalance my 401k. I have a strong stomach for this market, and the -14.1% doesn't bother me. I just hope that my mix is really diverse enough. Meh.

You know what? It's ok not to ask for a credit report from someone you're just having sex with

I mean, seriously.

Someone over at gradgirl's crib opines:

"It is interesting that people are willing to sexually hookup with a stranger but would not even think about talking about their credit report. Why? They feel the credit report is far too intimate."

I have a better answer: Because it's a hook up. I would believe details on sexual history as well as current STD/STI results would be far more appropriate than wondering if your booty call is contributing to the max to their 401k. Simply put, their financial choices has very little effect on you. It's not until the relationship crosses over into something more long-term that I would say a discussion on financial fitness is in order.

Then again, maybe I'm just stuck-on-stupid.

Bear Stearns to accept "emergency funding"

Clutch the pearls Margaret, the bluebloods are on welfare.

Roth IRA: Making Progress

My account with Vanguard has been set up, but the rollover from my bank hasn't been sent over yet. In the meantime, I've contributed $3,000 to the account towards my 2008 contribution. If everything goes as planned, my Roth IRA will be fully funded by the end of April.


1. JUST mailed the forms to Vanguard to move my Roth IRA to them from my bank. Yay! Glad to get that done and out of the way. Now just to wait for them to get it all done.

2. I signed up for a free, four-part retirement seminar through my employer that starts today. It's going to be one hour every Thursday for four weeks. I'll be sure to report back to give my thoughts. The four parts are:

  • Building the Foundation
  • Creating and Protecting Wealth
  • Establishing Your Retirement Income Stream
  • Making the Most of What You Have

3. As part of Women's History Month, my employer is also sponsoring a talk about financial empowerment with Mellody Hobson! OMG! I'm so excited that I'll be able to see her in person! Mellody is the President of Ariel Capital Management, LLC, one of the largest African American-owned money management and mutual fund companies in the country.

Clearly, I'm very interested in hearing what she has to say about how woman can do more for themselves financially.