September 2008 Net Worth

As expected, my net worth took a bit of a hit. :) I forgot to do a report for August, so comparing September to July, I've lost about $5,000. The good news is that my cash has increased by a little over $3,800. And right now, for me, I think cash is a little more important.

"Living In Our Vans"

I came across this video while surfing YouTube this evening. It talks about a subset of homeless people that live in their cars or campers. Another reminder that homelessness isn't as far away from you as you might think. It's not just people with addictions or mental illness. The people profiled here lost their home because of a job loss or the current housing market. And how many of us, thanks to the current financial climate, are staring down the same situations?

Living In Our Vans

On Second Throught...

I'll be going out of town in a few weeks for a week-long conference. I was thinking about getting my hair trimmed and colored for the event since it will be a client-facing gig. However when I thought about how much money it would cost:

1. Color: $60
2. Trim: $25
3. Tip: $17
4. Parking: $8

Total: $110

I decided that I would wear my hair slicked back into a low bun for the week. I'll save that money for Thanksgiving when my BF comes to town to meet my parents for the first time, and I'm cooking. Eeeep!

What an emergency fund is for

Last week my employer started rounds of layoffs. I heard the buzz before the official notice early in the week and didn't know if I'd still have a job until Friday. Thankfully, I still have my job, for now. Another thing I'm thankful for is having a good chunk of money set aside specifically for this reason. If

That being said, I was physically sick with worry. Yes, I have a financial cushion, however I dreaded the possibility of having to find another job in this market.

Money Bar Update

I've updated bar for my last financial goal for 2008: The 2009 Roth IRA/New Computer Fund. I'm currently at 26% of my goal. For some reason I'm having difficulty saving for this one. I'm actually about $200 short because I've been spending frivolously elsewhere. Part of me is so very tired of saving money. I understand these goals as important, however it's just getting a little old for me.

But I've already set this goal and it is important to me. I just have to find a way to re-energize somehow. The good news is that I've been asked to assist on a project at work that will give me some much needed overtime, so I'm sure I'll be able to make up that $200. That along with keeping focused on enjoying and using what I already have instead of buying...or more correctly, what I wish I could by buying.


Oh! I didn't do a net worth update for August. I completely forgot because I was off visiting the BF. I didn't look at my funds or anything but I'm pretty sure I can sum it up for you with the following:

1. Retirement funds lost money.
2. My cash savings increased.
3. My credit card debt increased because I was spending money that I didn't need to spend.
4. That credit card debt was paid off after cutting into the money I was supposed to save. So instead of saving $800, I only saved $600 for August.

But the bottom line is that all my bills are paid, I was still able to save, and I am still completely and totally debt free. :-D

Dow Down 500 Points


Honestly? I can't bring myself to worry about this too much right now. What can I do? Take out all my money from the bank and put it under my mattress? Well, the way things are going right now, that might actually be a safer option. ;)

I hope to sweet, minty jesus that the stocks turn around at some point and increase their value over the long haul. If not, I guess we can all start looking for the four horsemen and call it a day.

In the meantime, I'm seriously considering scaling back even more to live even further below my means. As far as my money in the bank, I'll just leave it there and see what happens. I have less than $100,000 in any of my accounts, so I'm somewhat protected that way.

Other than that, nothing to do but keep on keepin' on.