Back from Vacation

Greetings! The BF and I went on a week-long vacation to visit some friends. I have to tell you, it was one of the first times I'd ever been on vacation and was able to completely detach myself from work.

When we got home last night, I was able to get online and pay off the credit card for everything I spent on this trip. Reason #50-11 why saving for you vacation before going is a good idea. Another good idea? Paying all your bills ahead of your vacation. I had one bill that would have been due close to when I returned. Rather than risk a late fee, I just paid the bill early. All I had to do when I got back was pay my credit card in full for what I charged on vacation, and add $1,165 to my Used Car Fund. :)


I got a CPAP machine a couple months ago when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. My insurance covered 80%, so now I'm left with $457 for a machine that is not working all that great for me. :::sigh::: I have a few things that I am going to do:

  • There is a little card inside the CPAP machine that gives info on how I'm using it. I have an appointment with a sleep specialist to get the results. I'm interested to see what that card says before I pay for this machine. I'm going to request an itemized bill from the medical equipment company. According to the claim I saw online from my insurance provider, they charged them for 6 items. I think I have an idea of what those items might be however I want them to list them out for me before I agree to pay for it. It could be they are charging for something I never got.
  • I need to do all of this soon. A note on the invoice from the medical equipment company says that if I pay the bill within 30 days, I will get 10% of the amount ($45.74) along with a one-year extended warranty. I will have to inquire about what the warranty is on. Hopefully they're talking about everything they are charging me for.

This bill was a complete surprise. I wasn't expecting to pay anything at all for this machine, however that's my fault for not truly understanding what my coverage is. After a review it does say that I am covered up to 80% for medical equipment. Sucks, but not having the money to pay would suck even worse so I'm glad that I have a Health Care Deductible Fund that is completely separate from my Unemployment and Emergency Funds to pull the money from. Still though? It kinda sucks monkey nuts.

Going back to looking for the learning here, I should view this as preparation for when I have my hysterectomy. I can only imagine the amount of diligence...and money out of my pocket...that it is going to require. You'll forgive me if I'm less enthused about going through with this surgery.

Unemployment Fund...Fully Funded!

It's official. I know have $20,000 set aside should I find myself unemployed. This amount will cover me for:

  • Almost 2 years at my current expense level, including COBRA coverage.
  • 10 months based on estimated expenses once BF and I start living together, including COBRA coverage.

I'd like to add another $5,000 to this bring me to a whole year of coverage and hedge a bit against inflation. But for now, I'm glad that this is set aside.

Onward to the car fund!