February 2010 Credit Scores

Because Experian is on that garbage, I could only pull my FICO scores for TransUnion and Equifax. In January 2009 my scores for them were 812 and 817 respectively. I ran my scores a month ago and got the following:

I'm really puzzled as to why my score went down. The most I had on any credit card at the time would have been $150. I don't have any other debt. My bills are paid on time. I check my Experian credit report for free and there was nothing there that would explain a dip in score (assuming my Experian score even went down). I'll have to wait until next month when I'll be able to check the other credit reports for free.

I have more cash this year, a trace amount of debt (at the most $150 at a time that gets paid off at the end of the month), so what gives? I'm hoping this isn't a trend and that my credit reports are ok with no wacky activity. I'm not one to worship credit scores, however I know it's going to come in handy for me in the future when I want to make a big purchase.

Meh. Guess I'll have to wait and see. *shrug*

On Being a Road Warrior and My Stupid Ass Boyfriend

Hold up! Dude! Did you know I was a genius! Check it: Last night I had a late flight to see the BF. I didn't want to pay a bajillion dollars for some lettuce and a bottle of water at the airport so I did the following instead I bought a sandwich, chips, and a cookie from Panera (lurve Panera!) and tucked them along with an empty water bottle in my carry-on. Once I get passed security I filled my bottle at a water fountain. All that deliciousness for $8.50. Yay me! So this will be the drill every time I visit the BF.

Speaking of the BF, he's not stupid. :) We just had a "money talk," saw that I was going to make a blog post and said, "Oh, you gonna blog about your stupid-ass boyfriend?" I wasn't, but since he provided me with the inspiration, why not? Long story short, we had a discussion about money, how he can pay down his debt faster, expectations, how the debt impacts our future, etc. It wasn't a comfortable conversation, but necessary. Every once in a while we have to touch base to find out where the other person is at and make sure we're on the same page. Love is great, it's just not easy. :)

As SingleMa Used to Say, "My Money Is Boring"

Well. Kinda.

My money and I have been a little busy, but I could never really come up with a way to chat about it so I'm just gonna spew words and see what happens. Actually, like I usually do. *shrug*

I lent/gave my best friend $1,000. About a month ago my BFF called telling me about a situation she's in that I wouldn't wish on anyone. She makes light-years more money than me, however as is typical with a lot of women I know, a lot of it ends up taking care of other people instead of herself. She's current on her bills, with very little debt, however all extra that should be going to her savings ends up saving other people in her family. For years I've tried to convince her to stop letting these people rob her of her financial future but...you know... Anyway, she found herself in a sitch and the same people she'd been helping all these years are in absolutely no position to help her when she needs it most. She called me up asking for a grand and I happily sent it to her. She asked to borrow it, and I hope to get it back. However I've made peace that I won't and have checked it off in my head as a gift. I only wish I were in a position where I could comfortably give her more without hesitation.

I'm thinking it might make more sense to buy plane tickets to see the BF rather than using flier miles. I've noticed that the carrier I typically use have been seeing last-minute flights to where I visit the BF for about $110. In my opinion, it makes more sense to spend the cash rather than use the flier miles. I'll take this on a month-by-month basis.