On Being a Road Warrior and My Stupid Ass Boyfriend

Hold up! Dude! Did you know I was a genius! Check it: Last night I had a late flight to see the BF. I didn't want to pay a bajillion dollars for some lettuce and a bottle of water at the airport so I did the following instead I bought a sandwich, chips, and a cookie from Panera (lurve Panera!) and tucked them along with an empty water bottle in my carry-on. Once I get passed security I filled my bottle at a water fountain. All that deliciousness for $8.50. Yay me! So this will be the drill every time I visit the BF.

Speaking of the BF, he's not stupid. :) We just had a "money talk," saw that I was going to make a blog post and said, "Oh, you gonna blog about your stupid-ass boyfriend?" I wasn't, but since he provided me with the inspiration, why not? Long story short, we had a discussion about money, how he can pay down his debt faster, expectations, how the debt impacts our future, etc. It wasn't a comfortable conversation, but necessary. Every once in a while we have to touch base to find out where the other person is at and make sure we're on the same page. Love is great, it's just not easy. :)