As SingleMa Used to Say, "My Money Is Boring"

Well. Kinda.

My money and I have been a little busy, but I could never really come up with a way to chat about it so I'm just gonna spew words and see what happens. Actually, like I usually do. *shrug*

I lent/gave my best friend $1,000. About a month ago my BFF called telling me about a situation she's in that I wouldn't wish on anyone. She makes light-years more money than me, however as is typical with a lot of women I know, a lot of it ends up taking care of other people instead of herself. She's current on her bills, with very little debt, however all extra that should be going to her savings ends up saving other people in her family. For years I've tried to convince her to stop letting these people rob her of her financial future know... Anyway, she found herself in a sitch and the same people she'd been helping all these years are in absolutely no position to help her when she needs it most. She called me up asking for a grand and I happily sent it to her. She asked to borrow it, and I hope to get it back. However I've made peace that I won't and have checked it off in my head as a gift. I only wish I were in a position where I could comfortably give her more without hesitation.

I'm thinking it might make more sense to buy plane tickets to see the BF rather than using flier miles. I've noticed that the carrier I typically use have been seeing last-minute flights to where I visit the BF for about $110. In my opinion, it makes more sense to spend the cash rather than use the flier miles. I'll take this on a month-by-month basis.