Good news/bad news

Bad news
My performance review that was supposed to have yesterday was put off until next week Monday because my manager got sick.

Good news
But she did call me into her office to tell me that the manager for those two projects helped with in April and August appreciated my work, and gave me $500 in American Express Gift Cheques!

Bad news
Word on the curb is that very few will be getting a raise. At all. Seriously. I knew something was up when the firm decided to eat the increased cost of health care insurance for 2009 and leave the pricing the same as 2008. It made me wonder if they did that because they knew we'd not be able to afford the cost of increased health care since most wouldn't be getting a raise or an extremely modest one (if 3% is the cap, think 1% or 2%). Morale would be in the toilet at that point.

Good news
I still have a job. For now.

Bad news
Heard there were more layoffs today, with rumors off another big one coming in another week or so.

So what does this all mean for me? What it means for everyone else in corporate america: Suckage. However I can only change my little world, so aside from the usual, here's what I will do.

1. Normally rewards like these are given as AMEX gift cards. However this time I got gift cheques. I'm not sure if that was done on purpose or not, however there are some really good reasons why this is to my benefit.

*-*While I can't use them online, they never expire;
*-*Whatever I don't use I can get cash for the remaining value; and
*-*Most important: I can deposit these directly into my bank account. It's like getting $500 tax free.

Guess what I'll be doing. That's right, and it's going straight into my 2009 Roth IRA/Puter Fund. I'll do it tomorrow over my lunch break.

2. I've been putting this off, but clearly I need to dust off my resume.

3. Start planning my budget for 2009. Open enrollment started today, so I have to figure out how that will impact my paycheck, especially if there's a chance that my salary will not increase.