Reaching a wee bit outside of my comfort zone

I've increased my 2009 Roth/Computer Goal from $8,400 to $10,000. How will I get the extra $2,483 (the difference between what I have now and the $10k)?

■ $500 gift checks.
■ Squeeze $1,000 of savings from my first December paycheck.
■ Beat $900 out of my second December paycheck.

That leaves only $83 to come up with. How will I get it?
■ Threaten my December paychecks with monetary harm if they don't cough up the dough.
■ Volunteer for any and every overtime opportunity over the next week (as I'll be on vacation starting in December).
■ Continue walking around with raggedy eyebrows and contribute the cash to the cause? :::weeps:::

Getting $1,900 from my December pay is going to be tough, but doable. That last $83, I have no idea where it would come from but it's such a small amount to keep me from reaching $10k that I have to find a way to get it!

:::looks at her budget:::
:::looks in the mirror:::
:::looks at her budget:::
:::looks in the mirror:::