My november budget. Half way through the month.

I now have a better understanding how governments can be late with their budgets. And I'm just one person. It can be a pain in the ass, especially when you realize that something is really screwed up and you don't want to acknowledge it. Spending that $200 on hair stuff messed up my cash flow more than I thought. Below is what I plan to stick to for the remainder of the month.

November 14 through November 20: $92 (what’s in my checking account now)
■ $8 November 14 lunch (actual spend was $3.29)
■ $80 Groceries
■ $4 Gas (left over cash not spent on lunch will go towards gas, so really it would be $8.70)

November 21 (payday) through December 4: $1,096.75
■ $400 Savings
■ $303.45 Credit card (pay off of balance)
■ $100 Mom
■ $50.48 Cell phone
■ $178 Groceries (includes Thanksgiving)
■ $10 Gas
■ $25 Gift card for BFs parents
■ $9 Gift for BF
■ $20 After work happy hour