Off from work the month of December

You read right. Starting on December 1, I will be on PTO (paid time off) from work. And, AND I'm carrying another 2+ weeks of PTO into 2009. Long story short, my employer has a generous PTO carry-over policy and I'm really good about saving up vacation time.

During this time I'll be:

■ Spending the first week at home taking my dad to his chemo appointment and packing.
■ Packing to head to Ohio to spend the rest of the month with the BF, which includes meeting his family for Christmas.
■ I find out what my merit raise will be on Friday, I'll then start hammering out my 2009 budget. It's going to be a significant challenge due to my father's illness and the severe financial impact it and his death will have on my mother, and possibly me.

Off Topic
Remember that $200 purchase of hair care products I bought? It finally came in the mail yesterday! So what happens when I go to the shower to wash my hair? The shower head breaks off.

Jesus take the wheel...