Things just keep popping up

Good news
■ Along with the savings plan I outlined earlier, I figured out that by transferring the interest from some of my savings accounts, I can bring myself within $25 of my $10,000 goal.

Not so good news
■ Just found out my Flickr pro account fee is due by Nov. 29 to the tune of $24.95.
■ My vet my suggest a prescription to help my cat get through a 5+ hour drive in a couple weeks. I have no idea how much that would cost. I've taken her on a 2-hr. drive before and after 5 minutes of meowing, she quieted down and slept for a while. I may have to hope she does the same in a couple weeks.
■ At the end of that drive, she'll be in a beautiful home...with a 75 lb. dog. For that dogs sake, I need to get kitty's claws trimmed, and she could use a wash. I've done this once before, and, well...let's just say it didn't end right for me (blue-eyed devil for real). However the cost for her to get a full groom would be around $60. I'm thinking of just donning some hazmat gear and doing it myself.
■ I overspent at my little happy hour thing by $11. :::said in Britney Spears voice::: Food at restaurants is expensive, y'all. Shoulda stuck to Cheetos.