$200 eh?

$217 when you include shipping.

That's how much money I dropped on Sunday ordering hair care products. Now hold up, hold up! There's something you have to understand. A black woman's hair is like [strike]minor[/strike] major plastic surgery. We take that hella serious. Since my hair is not chemically straightened (I hesitate to say that it's "natural" because it's colored) it requires some thoughtful attention and upkeep. Over the past year I've tried using less-expensive options, even homemade concoctions. However none of it really worked for my hair. So I decided to just go ahead and get a product that works. Not only that, all the products I got for that $200 will last me clear into the spring. While I have the money to pay for it, making that somewhat impulse buy puts me in a bit of a cash-flow crunch. Bills will be paid easily, just some fun things I wanted to do for the holidays will be cut from the budget.

The sacrifices one makes for their hair.

Speaking of budgets, I still owe you guys one for November...