Setting myself back

So that $155 I had on my credit card has ballooned to $249. I have been getting carried away with spending lately and I just need to snap out of it and refocus. I think I was thrown out of wack a little bit when I made deposit changes to my paycheck. I want a small amount to go to my brick and mortar while the balance goes to ING, which is set up with "subaccounts" for the different line items on my budget as well as my various funds. Well, after I set that up, they sent me a paper check, saying the changes won't take effect until the next pay period. I deposited the check to the brick and mortar and had to wait a week for the majority of it to transfer to ING. Then, there were all the little things I wanted and just bought. Boo Velvet, boo. Can't move forward if I keep dragging myself behind. So I decided to buckle down with the following plan:

  • I took $249 from my unemployment fund and paid my credit card.
  • Payday is Friday. Along with my usual savings for the unemployment fund, I will add $249 to it to make up for the credit card payment.
  • I didn't go to the grocery store today for more chicken breasts. I already have four packages in the freezer. If I commit to using a price book, I'll be able to catch the next sale.
  • I will finish the food I have at home before I go grocery shopping again. Chances are that will be in about three to four weeks. That will give me time to come up with menus and a shopping list to make sure I maximize my shopping dollar.
  • I need to activate my ING debit card and start using that instead of my credit card.

I think the steps above will help keep me focused and my spending under control.