November 2007 Net Worth Update

Sorry for the radio silence. Lot's going on, blah blah blah. But I wanted to make sure I did my net worth update.

My Unemployment Fund has increased by 19% to put me at 63% of my goal. The bar on the right has been updated to reflect this.

Not-So-Much Progress
My net worth has taken a slide by $1,116 from October, mainly due to stock market declines and $38 on one of my credit cards.

The market is the market. Nothing to report there. I'm more focused on my savings and credit cards. With all the talk of a maybe-it-is/maybe-it-isn't recession, and everything costing a lot more there are three things I want to focus on:

1. Pay that $38 and continue to keep my credit cards clear.

2. Continue saving for my Unemployment Fund. I'm almost there!

3. Plan my budget more carefully for 2008 so that I will use my credit cards less often and have more cash to toss into my short-term savings.

And in other news...
I find out what my pay increase will be next week Tuesday. I'll keep you all posted on what happens there.