Boring Millionaires

During sermon at church today, the reverend said that it would be very boring if everyone were rich like Bill Gates. To which I respond, "Boring to whom?" I'm pretty sure there are a lot of folks who would rather live the "boring" life of the wealthy compared to the "excitement" of poverty.

You know, sometimes I wonder about becoming wealthy. In a capitalist system, for the ultra wealthy to stay that way, they need a lot of poor minions. That's just the way the system is set up. Bottom line: some people can not, will not, win. It's a reality I don't like thinking about, because it makes me ask myself what my role is in all of it.

And in other news...
I'm thinking of decreasing my 401k contribution from 20% to 15% next year. I resume contributing the maximum to my Roth IRA in 2008 along with building up the health care and down payment funds. I could use the extra cash for these saving goals. We'll see. The more I think about it, the more I believe I need to rework my budget and clearly define my short-, medium-, and long-term goals. Sometimes I don't want to do that because sometimes it seems impossible. But if I at least acknowledge and put them on paper, I can see what's really possible. I might be surprised.