Could I live with $6,000 less every year?

No Credit Needed had a post a couple days ago about contributing the maximum to your 401k and Roth IRA every year, and what the magic of compound interest could do with it over the years.

Y'all know, I contribute 20% of my pre-tax dollars, but on my $45k salary, that's $9,000. That's a stretch for me, so nevermind about that $15,500 max, but you know what? I don't think it's necessary. Dedicating almost 35% of my pre-tax income to my 401k would mean some very lean living for me.

Speaking of lean living, I found out transportation costs for my train route to work every morning are going up 10% next year. So that on top of the increase in health care I'm going for next year (which is a whopping 45% because I pay about $8 a month now for 80/20 coverage, I'm going for 90/10 coverage next year because there's a chance I'll have surgery next year) doesn't make it bloody likely I'll max out my 401k contribution. And while it's not necessary, the thought certainly is intriguing.