I should be in bed right now

However I'm obsessed with finding out how much money I would have if maxed out both my 401k and Roth IRA. I've spent most of the night looking up 2008 tax rates, my projected contributions, Medicare, and Social Security withholding against possible raises.

I should mention that I absolutely SUCK at math. So this is something of an ordeal. I'm sure better minds would have whipped this out in 30 minutes. I'm still staring at my spreadsheet about two seconds away for telling it to go to hell. I'm sure I goofed up somewhere but the take-away is that I have a much clearer understanding of how much tax is taken out of my check and for what. Now to just find out what my possible scenarios are for maxing out my retirement contributions. But that's another fiddy-'leven hours worth of work and I'm tired. I'll probably have it ready by tomorrow.