When misogyny and finances collide

Which is pretty much every day. Evidence of that is shown clearly in the comments section of Ramit's post about his recent survey. Much of the discussion centers around the discrepancy of responses between men and women on the subject of equal pay for equal work. 81% of female responders believe women are paid less than men for the same job, while a mind-boggling 52% of men feel the same way. The comments quickly fill with the usual patriarchal nonsense about women choosing lower-paying jobs, not working as much, etc. while completely ignoring the existence of sexism in the workplace. Even when there are recent studies that show that right out of college, with the same qualifications going after the same jobs, women are paid less than men. Gender inequality is well-documented in the science and technology industries where women are clearly equally educated and experienced as their male counterparts but being overlooked simply based on gender. Period. But I'm sure these same people that don't believe there is inequality in pay probably don't believe that racism isn't a big issue in this country and don't understand what the big deal is in Jena, LA.

Amongst other things, inequality has a very real impact on the financial well-being of women and people of color in this country. I'm so, so sorry that some people don't want to be called out and reminded that their privilege comes at a very real cost to the rest of us.