I should know better

I should be stronger than this. I should be able to resist the urge to go shopping before my vacation. Aside from true essentials (refill prescription, toiletries I don't have at home already, etc.) why do I feel the need to get new clothes? I feel compelled to look like a cosmopolitan fashionista on holiday who can barely (like, not at all) speak the local language why>?

I went through my closet and picked out some things that I know fit me well, however the rest of the stuff...well...not so much. I have a lot of t-shirts and old sweaters that don't fit me very well. I don't need to be a fashionista, but I don't want to be frumpy...like I am at home. Besides, I'm going to meeting some new people and I want to make a good first impression. I think I would do well by purchasing the following:

1. Fitted corduroy blazer in black.
2. Those cute little athletic shoes that look like gym shoes, but they aren't. Also in black.
3. A pair of well-fitting khaki's.

I think those three items with a couple pairs of jeans and dress slacks should go well with the tops I have in my closet. We'll see. I went into one store a couple times this week and tried on the same jacket (the corduroy one). It fits really well, but I always put it back thinking I don't need to spend the money. I'm going to go through my closet again to pair up outfits with what I have that I look good in, is comfortable, and versatile. If I still feel I need to buy anything, I'll consider getting any of the items above.