One phone call = 4% drop in interest rate and 1,000 flier miles

Color me delighted.

I called my credit card company today to let them know I would be traveling. Since I was there on the phone with them, I asked if there were any promotions going on, if I could get my interest rate lowered, etc. After three or four transfers :::dramatic eyeroll::: I spoke to someone who not only lowered my interest rate from 15.24% to 11.24%, but she gave me 1,000 flier miles to boot! Since I don't carry a balance on my credit card anymore, the lowered interest isn't that much of a concern to me. However it's nice to have just in case there's an emergency. Paying 11.24% is better than 15.24%, so any break I can get works. What I'm really excited by are the 1,000 flier miles! That was so random, and since I love to travel (hence why I have a card that earns miles for me) this was a treat.

So the lesson here is that it never hurts to ask.