Well. That was fun.

Getting away for a while is always nice, but I'm ready to get back into my routine and start working on some new goals. Saving for my vacation was a huge goal, so now that that has gone, it's time to focus on my unemployment, health care deductible, emergency, and Roth IRA funds.

I project that by the end of 2007 I will have enough cash for a three-month unemployment fund and $1,000 for the emergency fund. After that I will focus on coming up with the health care deductible (I projected high at $3,000 however I won't know the real number until open enrollment in December 2007) and Roth IRA contribution. I am debating on whether any extra should go to expand the unemployment fund to six months, or start saving for a house. Perhaps both? We'll see.

And about that vacation...
  • I spent FAR less on strippers than budgeted. Amazing how far one lap dance can take you. ;)

  • Far and away, the biggest cost was lodging, but I'm ok with that. Unlike Meg, I believe my money is well spent on the best lodging I can afford. I do go out to see the sights and such, but I spend a lot of time in the room just relaxing. I'm just like that. Sometimes I have to cocoon. :) And since I do spend a good amount of time in the room, I want it to be comfortable and I want all the services/amenities that go with it. Again, this is just something particular for me, so I made sure to budget accordingly.

  • After lodging came food. Again, a cost I gladly pay because I love good food! Good food doesn't always mean high prices, so sometimes I paid next to nothing for excellent food, sometimes I pay through the teeth for garbage.

  • I tipped the housekeeper $5 per day and boy did it pay off. I couldn't keep up with the amount of bottle water, shower gels, and chocolates she left me. Everything would be organized for me, she even hung all the clothes I'd tossed on the floor. By no means was that an expectation, however I was really impressed and appreciative.

  • Once I get my statement, it will be interesting to see how much I actually spent and where it actually went. Right now I'm still recovering, from the travel and the shock of finding out ING lowered their interest rates! Ugh, something else to deal with, but later. Right now, I need to drag my butt to the nearest Chipotle. What? I hadn't had it for two weeks, I deserve it! Kinda... : /

  • Oh. Another thing for me to be freaked out about: Making sure the funds I picked for my Roth and 401k aren't costing me a fortune. I feel so clueless about this stuff. Part of me wants to walk away from it because it's daunting. I don't really know where to start. However the need to make sure I make the most money possible with what I've got is more important, so I need to figure out how to figure it out. :)