How do you financially plan for your vacations?

I was over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks reading about her vacay breakdown. It got me thinking about how I planned for my upcoming trip.

After doing all the usual researching on finding the best possible lodging for my tastes/budget and air fare, I set up my "Travel Cost Estimator." The idea was to anticipate as many occasions where I'd spend money as possible. There are three columns, one listing the possible expenditures and two other outlining two possible scenarios. Some of my estimations may seem high so I'll explain below. Overall though, I'd rather overestimate than under.

Knowing me, the second column is more realistic, so I saved money accordingly.

The food allocations might seem a bit high, however I'm a bit of a foodie. While I don't anticipate spending that much for a meal, I don't want to worry about missing out one something unique and delicious if it might be a bit pricey. Plus that amount includes tax and tip. A steak dinner for one person that includes a couple glasses of wine, dessert, tax, and tip easily exceeds $75 at the better steakhouses in my city, so I think $75 should work. Naturally there will be times when I spend a bit less or more. So it goes.

I also decided to save a few bucks by taking a cab instead of a hired sedan to the airport. While the sedan is lush and relaxing, a cab is just fine. Although I might hire a car for getting back home, because standing at a taxi stand at a busy airport when all you want to do is get home is the pits. So that might change.

:::sigh::: Strippers aren't cheap, y'all. But to be fair, I'm figuring adult beverages into that figure even though technically it should be in my meals category. I guess I'm thinking of this as an event. So moving right along...

Be honest people, how many of you tip the housekeeper when you stay at a hotel?

Because you never know. I kid! I just threw that in there because it amuses me. :)

So there you have it. I can't predict everything I will want or need, however I can anticipate as possible and prepare.