$168 a month for hair?

Dimples needs answers:

"...you gotta explain your budget to me. The one you have listed on the side bar. $30 for brow wax? Chile, ummmm your brows grow that fast and that much?"

Yes and yes. In my heyday I was getting my eyebrows waxed every two weeks. The $30 is $25 for the actual service then a $5 tip. It's at a high-end spa, hence the higher cost. Believe me when I tell you that I've shopped around and tried to find someone less pricey. I decided that it's more important to spend a little more money for very high-quality skill then to save a few bucks and not be satisfied with the results.

"$168 for hair? Ok....even getting a relaxer every month would amount to this much. Then again I go to a college student to do my hair so I don't know what the salons charge now-a-days."
Now this is a little tricky. I get my hair done at a salon every eight weeks, so every other month. The cost is $168 which covers:
  • Base color: $60
  • Highlights: $50
  • Trim: $25
  • Brow color: $5
  • Tip: $28
So you're thinking, "Alright, so if this is every other month, then you should be saving $84 per month." And you would be correct, however the other $84 factors in the cost of specialty hair care products and shipping costs (roughly $60), and any incidentals like accessories, or maybe I might want to try a new style at the salon. That little surplus will come in handy.

Now, last month the specialty hair care store was having a sale so I bought enough product to last me for about four months. I wasn't expecting the sale, but I decided to take advantage. I'm still going to save that extra $84. At the end of the year either it will stay in my "hair fund" or I might find a need for it elsewhere. This budget is fairly new so I'll keep you posted on how it actually works.