Three goals down, three more to go

I've been taking the approach of saving for my goals one at a time. For the past 5 to 6 weeks, I've been near obsessive about maximizing and sticking to my budget to save as much as I can. So far so good! Today I was able to check off my computer fund as another goal met. Now I have to see how much computer I can get for $1,200 max. Still contemplating getting a laptop with separate monitor. Anyway, I'll research that, but I'm glad this one is done. After funding that, I still had $200 so I put that towards my travel fund, which puts me at 20% of that goal.

Now it's time to focus on the next three goals:
  • Travel
  • Unemployment Fund
  • Charity

Travel is very important, especially right now. Back in December, BF and I decided that monthly visits were necessary to maintain our relationship. However with my father's illness, the very idea of leaving town is unfathomable. That means BF comes here, which is fine, however he'd need help paying for a hotel (if you recall, BF is busy trying to pay off debts and save a little bit). That $200 mentioned earlier should come in handy for that and a meal or two. The plan is to see him next weekend, possibly sooner depending on my dad. I'll also have to save more earlier on because I'd prefer BF come here over the next few months at least, because I wouldn't want to leave my mother alone in the house right away. Wow...a lot to think about here that I'm not sure I'm ready for.

Unemployment Fund
I'm am very eager to meet this goal for obvious reasons. The good news is that I already have a $10k cushion in there. Once I get a little more cash in my travel fund, this will be my end-all, be all for a while.

This goal will be reached, but when? Should I knock it out with my next paycheck, or should I wait until my UF is fully funded (projected completion in August)? In spite of my obsession for my own financial security, I can't forget to give to those that can use the help. Right now, I have it schedule to begin saving for this goal after the UF. The only reason I'm contemplating doing it sooner is to just get it out of the way.