Random Update

I have a bunch of little things I've been meaning to share. On their own, they don't justify a whole post, so here we go.

  • Dad's health is declining rapidly. We've got him juiced on enough morphine fall a moose. Hey, whatever keeps him comfortable. The home care doctor says we're looking at a few days, but mom and I aren't ready to accept that. How can we?

  • That said, I've sent two options for a casket to mom. She asked that I take the $2,000 I saved for her to pay for it. Chances are I'll go with a decent one I saw on the Costco (!) website for $925 which includes standard shipping. Since we don't have anywhere to store the casket until it's needed (I'm sure the funeral home with charge us to hold it) chances are good we'll need to do expedited shipping. I'm hoping I don't spend more than $1,500. Then I'd give the rest to mom. The funeral plot, service, etc. has all been purchased by mom a few weeks ago.

  • Subject change: Work. Word on the curb is that the employer is considering pay cuts by way of shortening people's work schedules instead of doing layoffs. I'm all for keeping a job these days. The pay cut would suck, though. As if we weren't just getting by already. The other thing that would suck is that one would be a part-time employee with part-time benefits. That would be a significant adjustment. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Back to my dad: Actually, the house. It's full of people. Right now. It's 9pm. A bunch of people from his church, including the pastor, and some family members are here to pray with him. Not sure dad will receive his last rights tonight though.