My bank just came two steps closer to getting fired

  1. They charged me a $25 fee for my mileage debit card. I've had this card for about two years and don't recall getting charged last year. Must have been waived. Anyway, that put me $6 in the red.
  2. Of course, I will be hit with an NSF fee. It hasn't hit the account yet, but I will have to call back tomorrow to see if they will waive it.

I closed out my savings account with them and moved the money to the checking. The savings was right at $300, anything lower than that gets slapped with a $4 monthly fee. Screw that, I'd rather close it. I was only keeping it open for sentimental reasons, and because I was feeling timid about having everything at ING. Pfft. Oh well. The plan now is as follows:

  1. Call my bank tomorrow to get the NSF waived.
  2. If they waive the fee, great. I will leave about $30 in the account and move everything else to ING as planned. I will also move forward with cancelling the mileage program on my debit card to avoid paying that fee next year (twenneh fi dayum dollaz!).
  3. If they do not waive the fee, I will tell them to close my checking account and I will be moving my Roth IRA to another institution. I've already got the bill pay with Electric Orange set up with all my payees, and I've been looking at moving my Roth to Vanguard anyway.

I acknowledge that it's my fault for not paying attention to this debit card fee. I still think it's a LOT of money to pay for the privilege of earning 1 mile for every $2 spent. It's handy, but whatever. I can live without it. I will say that customer service was very nice. I also love that there is an ATM and bank branch EVERYWHERE. However I don't like getting nickeled and dimed. I need my money more than they do. :)