And ING it is

I decided to stick with ING Direct for my savings. As a matter of fact, I went ahead and started a checking account with them also. Their interest is above inflation and I'm not interested in chasing rates.

I've set up "sub"-saving accounts for each of my monthly expenses that will be funded by their alloted amounts. When a bill is due, I will transfer money from the appropriate account to pay it. If I need cash, there are a few ATMs very close to my home and office. So that's cool.

I'm going to keep my brick-and-mortar bank because I've had it for SO long. Plus they have ATMs all over the place, so it could be handy. With my next paycheck, I will have $30 direct deposited to my brick-and-mortar, the rest to my ING checking. I'll try this out for a while and see how it feels. If all goes well, I see myself closing my checking and saving accounts the brick-and-mortar.

And in other news...
I think we find out at work what our 2008 health care price tags are going to be tomorrow. I'm hoping this is the case. I'm anxious to see how much we'll really be paying. I'll also admit that I'm fairly concerned that the cost increase will be high enough that it will impact my savings. I'm also concerned about what my raise will be this year. I got a HUGE one last year that I worked pretty hard for. This year? I did well, but not stellar. As long as it's not 2%, I'll be ok.