Thank goodness I'm better at finances than gaming

I should be doing my hair however I'm addicted to getting past level 2 of DebtSki, a cute flash-based game geared towards college students. Goodness knows they need it.

Looking around, you'll find that the people behind DebtSki are the same people behind I.O.U.S.A. If you don't remember that movie, let me sum it up for you:
The former accountant for the country is trying to tell us that we're headed towards a massive financial FAIL that absolutely nothing short of tax increases and reductions in federal spending [i.e., health care, social security, etc.] can begin to alleviate. Even if we stopped all special-interest spending, the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, and bitch-slapped each and every one of Wall Street's so-called "best and brightest," all that combined would be a drop in the bucket.

It looks like the Peter G Peterson Foundation is hoping to use this game as a tap on the shoulder to college students to say, "FYI: On top of all this college and credit card debt, you, your kids, and everyone after you is going to be on the hook for this debt if you don't do something NOW."

Hope it works.