New 2009 Goal

Looks like I was able to toss some extra change towards my Unemployment Fund goal so I'm just one paycheck away from it being fully-funded!

But my work won't be over. Over to the right you will notice that I've added another goal for the year: a used car. Actually, enough money to buy a used car. If I'm diligent, I'll be able to scrape together $14,000 by the end of the year. I'm hoping it will be enough money to buy a reliable, gas-sipping, used car. The twist to this story is that I probably won't need to buy the car until 2011, when BF and I believe he will be able to move here. And really, that's why I'll need a car. Chances are we'll live in the boonies somewhere (but not far from a train station to at least get me to work!). Technically, we could just use his car, however I don't believe that would be wise. I don't want to be trapped in the burbs dependent on the BF I just started living with as my sole option for transportation. That's just foolish. Anyway, at the end of the year I'll be staring at $14k, at which point I'll put into a CD since I won't need it for a year (maybe 2 6-month CDs?).

So that's the plan for now.