2009 Charitiable Giving

I have $600 burning a hole in my electronic pocket that I'm itching to give away to deserving organizations. Last year I saved up $300 and gave it all to Rolling Dog Ranch, run by a loving couple who take care of disable animals (mainly dogs, cats, and horses) on a sprawling ranch in Montana. I'll be giving them the same amount this year while splitting the remainder equally with the following organizations.

Planned Parenthood
One time when I was laid off, I couldn't afford COBRA, but I needed to get my annual gynecological exam and birth control. Thank goodness Planned Parenthood was there to not only give me those options, but at a low price I could afford at the time. I believe this is a service that needs to be continued, especially now. The very last thing people out of work and uninsured (or even underinsured) need is missed medical attention and/or an unintended pregnancy.

Public Radio
I feel enriched, enlightened, and just better off after listening to local public radio. For that they deserve some cash. Although I'm going to wait until the Fall pledge drive, so I can get a little freebie of some sort.