Credit Scores as of January 2009

I was dictating to supportively encouraging my S.O. to check his credit reports and FICO scores. Giving all the reasons why he should do so inspired me to do the same. While I have to wait until April to check my scores (when I can do it for free, since I already checked all three in April of 2008) I decided to check my FICO scores. The last time I check my scores was back in August of 2007.

So I googled a handy-dandy discount code before learning my FICO scores. Pardon my french, but oh my fucking gawd. Check it out:

I had forgotten how long ago I looked at my scores, so I was still going off the 2007 numbers. I wasn't expecting this kind of a jump so clearly I'm thrilled. I'm especially glad about this because if I have to move this year, these scores will improve my chances of getting the apartment of my choice.

I'll try not to knock myself over from patting myself on the shoulder, but yay me!