Federal Refund Received

I filed my return last week Friday, today my federal tax refund of $155 was deposited to my account. One word:


In other news
I managed to get through almost the entire month of January without buying groceries. How? Partly because mom was nice enough to buy me some frozen meals when they are on sale. :) The other part was me insisting that I eat only what's in the house. I have to buy groceries this weekend though, or else I won't have anything to eat over the next two weeks!

I managed to meet my health care deductible and clothing fund goals. I feel a little more secure now that I know if I have a health issue, I'll be able to handle it intially without dipping into my unemployment fund. As far as clothes shopping, I'm going to see if I can hold off until spring. What I really need are new pants. I'm thinking two pair of dress slacks (black and charcoal grey), one pair of khaki's, and one pair of jeans. I could use some new shirts and blouses, however I only have $500, and the pants are more of a need than anything else.

So with those goals out of the way, time to focus on cash for a new computer. If all things stay the same, I should be able to meet this goal by the end of February. After this, it's focusing on my unemployment fund in earnest. That's going to be a challenge, depending on my dad's health and my mother's housing situation.

But one day at a time. Right now I've accomplished two goals, time to focus on #3.