Hate on me haters!

As everyone in the personal finance circles knows, you have to review your credit report often. I try to look at mine twice a year. Yesterday I got reports from all three agencies and my FICO scores for each of them from myFICO.com (The cost is $47.85, however if you happen to do a Google search you just might find promotional codes that can net you something like 20% off).

I checked my FICO scores for the very first time yesterday. They are listed below.

Equifax: 787
Experian: 797
TransUnion: 805

Shocked. Dumbfounded. Delightful surprise. That's how I would describe my reaction to the scores. I had no idea my scores were that high. This from someone who years ago had over $20K in student loans and just recently had almost $13K in credit card debt. I'm very happy with this! I guess being diligent about paying my bills on time paid off. :)

Other than that, two issues that I'll have to sort out:
  • There was an address on two reports that I never lived at, that I requested a couple years ago to be removed. It was there from a credit fraud attempt. How hard can it be for them to take this off? :::eyeroll:::
  • On one of my reports, one of my student loans is listed as "unrated or bankruptcy." What the...? But with the other two reports it's fine. :::double eyeroll:::
Still, with these issues I'm glad that my FICO scores are fairly strong.