August 2007 net worth

According to my little NetworthIQ tracker, my worth approximately 2.42% more this month than last. Before y'all start asking me for money, know that by this time next month that gain will be gone. Let me explain:

  • Vacation fund: $3,500
  • Budgeted funds for monthly expenses: $888
  • In my checking account: $190
So yeah, this time next month my savings account will be looking very lean. However from then until the end of the year, I anticipate saving another $3,000 which will be the bulk of my three-month unemployment fund.

As for my retirement funds, as a whole, a $200 dip is pretty much nothing. It's only been a month, it can get a lot worse, better, or no change at all. It doesn't really matter because I'm in this game for another 30 years. The flux over a month is a drop in the bucket. Besides, at these lower prices my money will be able to buy more stocks. So it's all good. :)