I've been fairly neglectful of my little blog here. Not a good way to start things off, I know. But rather than complain about what I could have or should have done, I'll just pick up from where I left off and move forward. Pretty much my philosophy with everything in life. :)

So yeah, about that budget
I came up with a rough idea of my financial goals. From there, I came up with a better budget that I believe will give me the security and cash to accomplish my goals. And really kids, isn't that the ultimate bottom line of why we make money n' junk? Ummhmm. I still have some kinks to iron out. Once I get that done, I'll share with you all what I believe would be a workable plan.

Chipotle is trying to kill me
A friend introduced me to Chipotle I've been addicted ever since. Those burrito bowls with chips? NO. JOKE. It's so delicious. But my money is not liking this adobo-and-lime flavored crack, so I'm going to have to ease back on this.

Bad idea
I was walking to work yesterday when I saw a guy get of a car. He was walking towards a building, then turned around and yelled to the driver not to be late getting home. "I gotta do my thang, ya know! After work I gotta hit the payday loan then I'll pick you up. DON'T BE LATE!" As soon as I heard payday loan I thought, "Damn. You stupid." Then I wondered how often he's relied on these payday loans and gave myself and imaginary smack for making a judgement about him. It could be that a situation forced him to use a payday loan. Maybe it was a one-time thing. I have no idea, after all, because it was some random dude on the street. However we all know that for a good number of people, it gets very easy for them to get caught up in the payday loan cycle. Hopefully, that's not the case here, and more importantly, I hope I never get into a situation where I find myself using it. So I guess I better lay off those Chipotle visits. And I will. Right after I go there for lunch today.