Updated Budget

After spending ALL DAY doing everything I possibly could to avoid updating my budget, I've finally finished it. A few notes:
  1. I've added a line item for charity. I want to make a significant contribution to an organization I believe does good work. Instead of thinking about donating, I'm budgeting for it. A couple hundred bucks a year to charity probably seems cheap to some, but I'm not living by other people's goals and budgets, just mine. And this suits me just fine.
  2. The amount budgeted for hair seems like a lot, however this amount includes salon visits, tip, and maintenance products and shipping. Yes, I'm a siddity broad that orders her hair care products online, what of it? This is my HAIR people!
  3. My cell phone bill is usually between $65 and $75 per month. However there have been times when I've sent too many txt msgs., or called a friend overseas, etc. Also I will be out of the country soon, so the padding will come in handy for roaming charges, international fees, etc.
So I think this budget should work. I'll try it for the remainder of the year and see how it goes.