Where I almost knock myself over from patting myself on the back so much

This post started as a comment to one of Boston Gal's post when I realized it didn't have a damn thing to do with what she was talking about.


During the housing boom my friends and some family would tell me I needed to buy a home of my own. "If you don't buy now, you'll be priced out of the market!" I even had a friend tell me that she bought a condo because "that's what responsible people do. Get a home of their own." She told me this over phone and even then I'm sure she could see I was giving her wicked side-eye through the fiberoptics. I live at home with my folks. It's an arrangement that (so far, knock on wood!) works out well for us and we're quite happy (when mom doesn't hog the freezer space). The reason I always gave for not buying a home was, "I can't afford it. I can't afford a home AND furniture AND retirement." I was usually met with babble about ARMs or a blank stare.

So all that to say that from where I'm sitting, I am downright ecstatic that I never decided to buy a house during the boom. I'm glad I stuck to my guns by not caving to peer pressure and being honest with myself about what I can truly afford. The banks and their shady-ass ways have a LOT to do with why we are in the situation we are in now. However people not being honest about what they could truly afford is a significant chunk of the issue as well.

So yeah. Yeah me for knowing the limits of being a broke-ass. :/