Good deal on airfare!

I go to see the boyfriend this weekend. Usually I wait until the week of travel to buy my ticket. Sounds counterintitive, however United runs last-minute specials every Tuesday. My destination is on there every week for $170 compared to the usual $300. So I bought my ticket for this weekend yesterday.

For kicks, I did a search for Labor Day weekend. A labor day visit wasn't in the cards because I figured the prices would be sky-high for a holiday. Nope! I got a ticket leaving Thursday night and coming home the following Tuesday night for $168! That's less than the last-minute fares I usually get! I gleefully bought the ticket today happy for the savings and the chance at an extra visit to see my schmoopy-pie. :))

After that, I'll do one more visit in October skipping November entirely. Why? Well, assuming we still like each other come December, he is going to drive down here to pick me up, we'll drive back together and I'll stay with him for the entire month. You read me. The. Entire. Month. I have a lot of vacation time to burn off and I'd like to spend it with him. Also, if we're really going to take this relationship further, why not take the opportunity to live with each other for a while? I'm sure whatever veneer is left by then will be long gone and we can decide if we need to move further or not. Anyway, back to money...driving, especially since he has a hybrid, will save me a lot of money, as flying would be around $400 to $500 (!).

As far as next year? Who knows. Let's see if we still like each other after Labor Day. :) I'd say the only thing that has to change is that we see more of each other next year. This year he's in the process of pulling himself together financially, which is very important to the both of us. Ideally I'd like for us to see each other every month, with him contributing to that 50%. That may be with him coming here half the time, or him buying the ticket for me to come see him. Right now, that makes the most sense, as it costs him considerably more to visit me. But we'll have to see what makes sense and what we're comfortable with.

So yeah, this was about more than airfare, wasn't it...