Money Gossip: The Velvet Jones Edition

Single Ma has a great post up about a family member asking for a considerable amount of cash in a short amount of time. I would say that my sister issue comes closest, but I'd like to share a bit of family/wedding gossip with you guys. This really hasn't got anything to do with family members wanting money, it's about family members and weddings...which can be just as, if not moreso, prone to out-and-out fuckery. Gather 'round chrrins'...

My cousin "Ted" recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend "Betty." To celebrate, Betty sent an email to family and friends saying that they were having an engagement party/bbq at a public park. Attached to the email was a list of all the food that they wanted to the guests to bring.

Oh yes. You read me right. Not only was food listed, but plates, napkins, cups, water, ice, ketchup, mustard, etc. ERRYTHANG. Also, Betty wants at least 2 to 3 names per item to make sure there is enough for everyone. I forget to mention: Ted and Betty live on the East Coast. I and a considerable amount of family members live in the Midwest.

Oh. I forget to give you the date of the wedding: September 2010. Oh yes. You read me right. Personally, I find it amusing that someone would throw a party for themselves, then expect the guests to actually bring the party. But the fun doesn't end here. Another email was sent out. And I quote:

"Just want to give everyone an update of the menu and who is bringing what as well as the first round head count. All or most of you have received this email and have NOT responded back in any way, shape or form. If we do not hear you before or by August 23rd we will take that as you are not coming and will NOT be counted in the final count. Also please don't think that you can just show up and it would be ok with us..."

Emphasis by me, but...eeeeyeah... That's the 'ish my family is on. I politely declined attendance. I love my cousin Ted very, very much. However I'm not going to spend money on air fare, hotel, AND have to buy my own damn food, plates, and ice for a party. Although I did briefly entertain the idea of showing up at the park with a bucket of water saying, "It was ice when I left Chicago!"