You know what?

I miss my bi-weekly manicure and brow wax. Before I paid attention to my finances, I used to get a french manicure and brow wax at an upscale spa twice a month. I figured those were two things that helped me look pulled together, and they did. However once I realized my debt was out of control I cut back on spa visits to the point of eliminating them. There are one or two occasions where I'll get my brows waxed, but that's it.

I've been thinking about it lately and I miss those treatments. If I could afford it, I'd bring those treatments back into the budget because they made me feel a little better about the way I looked. I could do my nails myself, but they never look as good. I won't even attempt to do my brows myself and I've tried to find places less expensive, but when it comes to that, I found I got what I paid for.

I guess I'll just have to find another way to feel good about my outward appearance, because for the next few years I have some financial goals that are more compelling and important to me.