1. I've been spending a lot of money lately on eating out and gaming. That's gonna have to come to an end really quick. Like, right now. Thanks for my not-going-to-the-grocery-store-and-love-of-gaming behind, I have $7 in my purse and $100 in my checking account to get me through to next week Friday. I know. You're playing tiny violins for me. Clearly not an issue worth worrying about for most, however it's slimmer margin than what I'm used to operating with, and I don't like it.

2. If I'm going meet my goal of saving an extra money until the end of the year, I'm going to have to remember how to live on a budget. I'm a great saver, however not-so-great in the money management dept. But I'm going to have to get great at it, and quick, because with the no overtime rule at work, I'm not going to have much of a fudge factor.

3. Some close family members and friends want to start an investment group. I think it's a great idea and want to be a part of it. They are talking about $1,000 per person. They figure it's a good amount because it's not so much that it would destroy anyone financially in this group, but significant enough of an amount for everyone to care about making it grow. They also mentioned something about making another contribution, for like $200 several months later, but I don't know about that. Next year (the next three or so, actually) are going to be very tight. I'm not inclined to part with another $200. There's going to be a meeting this weekend, I'll have to bring up my concerns. $1,000 is my limit. I'm concerned about the changes going on at my company and how much more things are going to cost me in 2009. I'm already invested in a 401k and a Roth IRA. If I'm required to give more, then I won't join. Trust, I would be than happy to keep that $1,000 in my savings account.

4. Speaking of Roth IRAs, when do we find out what the contribution limit will be for 2009? All I can find is that it will be indexed to inflation in $500 increments. Well hell, the way inflation is right now, that would be a really high number. I budgeted for $6,000, but I'd like to know for sure.

5. I'm just overall worried. I just feel a little insecure. Even though I've made significant progress over this time last year, sometimes I feel like no matter how much I save it will never be enough. Maybe that's why I've been a little free-wheeling with the money lately.