Writing on the wall?

Had a unit meeting at work the other day and found out the following:

1. Our unit clocks the highest amount of overtime in the firm. Mainly this is due to us being understaffed for so long. But we've recently hired enough people to have a full team so the higher ups are expecting overtime to go down. Actually, they are demanding it. We are not allowed to work overtime unless it is absolutely necessary.

2. The leader of our practice sent a note to all the managers stating that we are now in a hiring freeze.

3. About a month ago the powers that be sent out a note saying they were looking at "staffing models" and performance.

Rather than speculate on what may or may not be happening, I will continue to focus on the things I can actually control:

1. Continue to be debt-free.

2. Reduce monthly expenses and unnecessary spending.

3. Increase monthly saving amounts.

4. Update resume.

And that's it, really.