Networth and Money Confession

Inspite of all the market ups and downs, my networth managed to increase by 3%. Let's take a look at some of the classes:

* Cash: Up 15%. Mainly from monthly savings. Look for this to go down a bit next month, as I'll need to dip into it for travel.

*Retirement: Up 1%. Hey, at this point, I'll take what I can get.

*Credit Card Debt: Up 29%. It's not as bad as it sounds. Last month it ws $23. This month $101. That's from a night out with drinks. The company was great, but trust me, I'm not happy about that tab.

Money Confessions
I've been eating out a LOT over the past two weeks. Part of is laziness. I hate grocery shopping. The other part is that even when I do, my mom hogs all the freezer space, so it gets frustrating in trying to find a place to put my food when I do buy it. Yet another part? Restaurant food tastes good. I'm just keepin' real folks. Chipotle? Panera? That Indian joint by my house? Fantastic! I've been using the cash I'd use for groceries to buy the food, so it hasn't been that bad, but still far more than I normally would. I'm going to have to get back into the habit of eating at home again if I'm going to save the money I need to achieve my goals. I know this. I'm just kinda tired of watching my money so closely. I've been at it for over a year now. I've achieved a lot, however it gets old sometimes. But back to business next week. Maybe I'll spend a little less on groceries next week so I can still have a meal out once.