May Net Worth

Overall, my net worth has increased by 5.52% to bump me up the $89k range.

A closer look at my asset/debt classes
  • Cash: The almost 35% boost came from two sources. 1.) Now that my Roth IRA is fully funded for 2008, that $1,600 is now going into my Unemployment Fund, and 2.) $300 of my $600 stimulus check also went into the Unemployment Fund.
  • Bonds/Retirement: No change with bonds. The 2+% boost in retirement comes mainly from earnings on my Roth IRA. As with last month, my 401k isn't losing as much money these days. Still holding at a 7% loss YTD.
  • Credit Cards: $32 to get my eyebrows waxed which will be paid off with the next pay check.