June 2008 Net Worth Update

All I have to say is: It's a good thing I'm not retiring anytime soon. Let's take a look at my asset/liability classes.

  • Cash: Increased by 15%. This is from my steady contribution to the Unemployment fund.

  • Retirement: My 401k lost, YTD, 14.3% of it's value, while the 401k and Roth combined only lost almost 7% from May. I have to be honest, I understand the market sucks gigantic donkey balls right now, however I'm wondering if I screwed the pooch by rebalancing my portfolio at the beginning of the year. I think I'm losing more now than I would have if I left everything as-is. However there's really no way to know that, as I believe it's my self-doubt talking. My 401k was never balanced, I just threw my money it and guessed at how much money should go to what fund. At the beginning of the year I did my research and bought/sold stocks that aligned with my risk tolerance...which is a lot. I'm not worried about losing money, I'm just wondering if I rebalanced at the wrong time. Meh, I can't think about it too much because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it right now. I just continue to buy stocks hoping that the market will go back up eventually. That's how we're supposed to play this game, right?

  • Credit Card: I owe $78. This was from entertaining the S.O. over the weekend. That will get paid from this weekends pay check, so no worries.

So overall my net worth has taken a 4+% dip from May. While losing money in the market is never fun, I am very happy that my cash reserve is growing and growing, which I believe over the next six months will be critically important.