Making it rain!

-*- Okay, not really. I just spent $77 on a couple baby shower gifts for a friend. That includes shipping and puts me only $2 over my budget. I also went ahead a paid for my parking ticket. Both charges went on my credit card, which I can pay immediately from my savings. I'm choosing to do this because my next pay day isn't until the day after the bill is due. Also it's when my 0% interest period ends, so I don't want to be late or carry a balance of any kind. I'll just put the money back in my savings once I get paid.

-*- Why paying from my savings at all? Well, since I started getting medieval on my savings for the next six months, that left me with very flexibility in the budget, and that's precisely when all the unexpected stuff started happening. Plus the The S.O. is in town and since he covered all my food costs while I was visiting him, I'd like to return the favor, especially since he's really trying to work on paying down his debt (good for him!). It won't be filet mignon, but I've got him covered while he's here.

-*- Oh, looks like my cousin is going to be here for TWO months, not just one, so I really don't feel bad about not seeing her this weekend. Also, I'm sure she doesn't expect me to spend a lot during that entire time. I wonder what she's going to do here for two months?