Getting More Money: Day One

MMND has a month-long exercise going where she's being "open" to getting more money, but not working more to get it. After giving her the virtual side-eye, I decided to give it a try for a couple reasons:

1. Who doesn't want more money?

2. And not have to work for it!

3. Seriously, I've been approaching the idea of getting a second job. However I will freely admit that the idea of working two jobs makes me uncomfortable. To be clear, I don't need a second job, I just thought it would help me earn some extra cash to make some goals I've been thinking about for next year. I've looked around for part-time gigs on Craigslist, etc., but I haven't searched in earnest.

4. It will give me something to blog about. :)

From MMND's blog, here's how it works:

"Here's what I'm going to do:

For the next 30 days, I'll open my mind to receive increasingly more money. On day one, I'll decide how I'd like to spend $100. On day two, I'll double that amount to $200. Day three, double again and I'll have $400. And so on, doubling every day for the next 30 days. I'll list how I'd like to spend every penny, with no repeating of items during my month-long spending spree."

I have a concern: I don't know how to visualize getting more money. I don't think I understand how to do this. Seriously. Am I just pretending like I'm going to get more money at some point, or wishing for it? How does one become "open" to receiving money? I admit to just not getting. But I'm willing to give it a try, so without further ado, here's mine:

Day One:

$100 spending spree:

Dinner and debauchery with a friend

I am grateful for:

  • My peaceful, loving home environment
  • My cat who brings me joy and beauty on a daily basis
  • That I take public transportation to work everyday
Show me the money: Volunteer for overtime projects at work as the opportunities present themselves.