A Confession

I've been spending more money than I should, and without really thinking about it. Because of this, I'm almost $600 behind on reaching my $14,000 Used Car Fund. I don't quite feel like a shit stain for this, but I am disappointed with myself, especially because the stuff I spent it on was eating out and entertainment. Being home for 6 weeks recovering from surgery was all the excuse I needed to overindulge in those two categories I rarely would if I were in my normal routine.

So how am I going to get out of it? First, stop the overspending, duh. Second, volunteer for any overtime given at work. There is nowhere in my budget to squeeze an extra $600 so the above options will have to do. Also, I estimate that about $100 will come from interest earned on my savings account between now and the end of the year. If worse comes to worst, I could try to sell something, although I've never done anything like that and to be honest, I find it a little intimidating.

All in all, it's not devastating, but serves as a reminder that I have to continue to be mindful of my spending and keep my eye on the prize.